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Here at Singapore Pain Relief Specialist, we comprehend the profound impact of musculoskeletal discomfort and the pivotal role of precise diagnosis in attaining efficient pain alleviation and management. We are committed to offering MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) services meticulously crafted to address the individual requirements of our patients. With our compassionate team, the primary objective is to furnish exceptional care and accurate imaging outcomes, empowering our patients in their quest for pain relief and enhanced quality of life.

Comprehensive Orthopaedic MRI Services

Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of orthopaedic MRI services designed to address a wide spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions:

Diagnostic MRI: Our diagnostic MRI scans offer detailed visualisation of bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, enabling accurate diagnosis of various orthopaedic conditions, including:

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Trauma-related injuries
  • Degenerative joint diseases

Preoperative Assessment: Our MRI scans play a crucial role in preoperative planning for orthopaedic surgeries. By providing precise anatomical information, we assist orthopaedic surgeons in determining the extent of the injury or condition, planning surgical approaches, and optimising treatment strategies for each patient’s unique needs.

Postoperative Monitoring: Following orthopaedic procedures, our MRI scans are instrumental in assessing postoperative healing and treatment outcomes. We collaborate closely with orthopaedic specialists to track patient progress, identify any complications, and adjust rehabilitation plans as needed to ensure optimal recovery.

Sports Medicine Imaging: We specialize in sports medicine imaging, providing custom-tailored MRI scans catering specifically to athletes and individuals engaged in active pursuits who are grappling with sports-related injuries. Whether it’s a muscle strain, ligament tear, or stress fracture, our imaging services are meticulously designed to facilitate precise diagnosis and personalised treatment strategies, aiding you in safely and swiftly resuming your active lifestyle.

Why Choose Singapore Pain Relief Specialist?

Experience in Orthopaedic Imaging: Our clinic is staffed by experienced radiologists and orthopaedic specialists with a wealth of knowledge in musculoskeletal imaging. They are dedicated to delivering accurate diagnoses and personalised treatment recommendations tailored to each patient’s unique condition.

MRI Technology: We utilise high-resolution scanners and specialised imaging sequences, to obtain clear and detailed images of orthopaedic structures. This ensures diagnostic accuracy and facilitates targeted treatment planning for optimal outcomes.

Patient-Centered Care: At Singapore Pain Relief Specialist, we value patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Our pleasant and compassionate staff strives to create a welcoming environment in which patients feel heard, appreciated, and well-cared for throughout their imaging experience.

Collaborative Approach: We foster open communication and collaboration with referring physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, and other healthcare providers. By working together as a team, we ensure seamless coordination of care and treatment continuity, ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience and outcomes.

MRI Scan Singapore Cost

The pricing for an MRI scan in Singapore starts at $1068 and varies based on the type of scan required. Below is a partial list of the MRI scans we offer. For more details, please reach out to our dedicated staff or consult with our medical professionals.

*Prices are subject to 9% GST.


The dynamic magnetic fields generated during MRI scans produce loud knocking noises that could potentially damage hearing if proper ear protection isn't worn. Additionally, these fields may induce peripheral muscle or nerve stimulation, resulting in sensations akin to twitching. Furthermore, the radiofrequency energy employed in MRI procedures has the potential to cause body heating.
CT scans capture a rapid sequence of X-ray images, which are then compiled to form detailed images of the scanned region. Conversely, MRIs utilize powerful magnetic fields to generate internal body images. Typically, CT scans are the primary imaging modality chosen. However, MRIs are invaluable for diagnosing certain conditions that may elude detection by CT scans.
The duration of a single scan can range from a few seconds to 3 to 8 minutes. During brief scans, you might be requested to hold your breath. The overall scanning process typically spans from 15 to 90 minutes, contingent upon the size of the scanned area and the number of required images.
MRI employs a potent magnet to momentarily alter the orientation of naturally occurring hydrogen atoms in the body, inducing no lasting effects. When these hydrogen atoms revert to their original state, they emit varying amounts of energy based on the tissue type they inhabit.

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