Certain orthopaedic are commonly seen in pregnant women.

Learn about these conditions seen during pregnancy and what you can do for treatment for these conditions.

Lower Back Pain / Low Back Ache

It makes sense that low back pain is the most common orthopaedic complaint during pregnancy. More than half of all pregnant women experience significant back pain during pregnancy. The extra weight of the baby and the awkward distribution of weight cause muscle fatigue and spasm in the back. Having a strong back before becoming pregnant can help your body prepare for the weight of the baby.

Knee Swelling

It is not uncommon to experience swelling during pregnancy, particularly in the second trimester and beyond as blood flow is increased and the uterus puts pressure on the vena cava, a major blood vessel that returns blood to the heart from the legs. Fluid retention from these conditions can lead to swollen knees, and can also affect the hands and lower extremities in general.

Help avoid swollen knees by resting when possible, ensuring to elevate your feet. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing to help relieve pressure on the vena cava and to stimulate blood circulation. Warm weather tends to increase swelling, so do not get overheated. Cool compresses can also help decrease swelling and are great when used in combination with rest.

Consult our doctor to rule out any abnormal swelling that is severe, does not subside with rest.